The Blossbuzz  April 2022


The official news circular to members of Blossomfield Bowls Club


Open Days


As mentioned in our previous Blossbuzz, there are two open days planned one at the beginning of May on 1/ 2.5.22 and the at the end 28/29.5.22.  David, our Publicity Officer has arranged for adverts to be sent to 2000 households locally and a banner to be placed outside the club. We need you to volunteer to assist with welcoming visitors, car parking and activities on the green. Let Alan or Nick know if you would like to volunteer.


We hope that it will be a fun day for all. Some rinks will be set aside to play different sorts of games using bowls and on the side we will hold a bring and buy stall along with a raffle. If you have any suggestions for other off rink activities please let us know.


Coaching and Training


As our first Saturday fixture against Corley AWAY is on Saturday 16th April a club tournament is planned on 2pm Sunday 10th April. Further practice events will follow. Please use the club app or let Alan know that you will be attending.


League structure


BBA there will now be 6 teams in each of 2 divisions following Rowheath’s withdrawal matches will be played home and away plus a third fixture where 1 rink stays home and the other travels away

Evergreens There appear to be only home and away fixtures against each club


You might recall that some clubs have folded and you will see some changes including Bournville will play at Tally Ho, part of the West Midlands Police Training Centre for the time being. The West Midlands Police Team has now folded.


Team App


It’s hoped that future communication will be through the club team app. Fixtures, Team selection and availability for games will all be managed this way. The first training session for this app is 7pm Tuesday 29th March and if you haven’t already booked your place please call Nick. Similarly, if you have not received a letter from us by email, please get in touch.


The Clubs £10,000 challenge 


Don’t forget the LCR night with food and raffle will be on 8th April. Nick and Liz will be soon fixing up numbers for food. Please approach any committee member for tickets, if you want to support this event and help your club meet its challenge. If we do then we get an extra £10000 from Sport England. If we don’t they will give us nothing.


Our last Quiz raised over £230 for the club Crowdfunding initiative.


Green Condition and Pre Season Meeting 


After consultation with Ian Maddocks the green will open after Midday on Friday 8th April. This is a day earlier than we originally planned and the fungal infection has been eradicated.


A big thanks to all who have worked hard to bring the area around the green to a good standard. The flower beds and pots have been planted, a lot of the benches have been jet washed and painted, the artificial turf which goes in the gully has been replaced.  A little more work needs to be done and Alan will be setting another working party day.


A pre season meeting for club members is planned at 2pm on April 8th to inform of fixtures and help prepare for the LCR evening. Please let Alan or David know if you are unable to attend so we can make sure you don’t miss out.




We understand that all previous members have renewed their subscriptions and it looks like we may actually gain a couple more. Jon, our treasurer, has arranged for those bowlers who have renewed to be affiliated to the county.

The planned open days should generate some more interest during the month of May.


The Civil Service Sports Club has backed our initiative and intend to publicise this to 2000 serving and retired public servants. They will also give £10 off the Blossomfield membership to any civil servant who joins us. If anyone has worked in public service and would wish to join CSSC there are some significant benefits to having a membership. Not only do you get shopping/leisure discounts, free entry to English Heritage sites, as well as places like Kew Gardens, but there are a range of sports opportunities available.




Get your news and events to our Publicity Officer David Oliver






The Blossbuzz – the official newsletter of Blossomfield Club Bowls Section


Open Days


Coming up, there are two open days planned one at the beginning of May on 1/ 2.5.22 and the at the end 28/29.5.22. In the past we have fallen in line with Bowls England who publicise a national event. Our committee thought that whilst this was a welcomed event,  it did not serve our purpose and have decided to create our own event, doing our own publicity.  David has created a leaflet which will be distributed to houses in Solihull. It will also be nearly a month earlier to enable newcomers to enjoy a longer season and possibly be integrated into our teams.


Coaching and Training


Your committee has responded to members requests for Coaching and Training. Indeed this has been missed over several years and places us at a disadvantage when we play other clubs who invest in this.


The plan is to work with Bowls England/Bowls Development and centre our activities around the Tuesday and Thursday BBA league days. Firstly, Captain Nick has volunteered to train as a coach with Bowls England and also develop their concept of a club hub. Secondly, training will become a weekly event to be done every Tuesday and Thursday.


How it will work


BBA captains will nominate their team and it is hoped that we will have two reserves in both teams. This will make a pool of 4 players who will remain at home and take part in training and welcoming other new members, as well as be available to go to matches should there be any last minute absences. It also means that all those wanting a game will get one. Of course, BBA games will only be played once a week either on a Tuesday or Thursday. So on the non playing day, the A and B Teams will practice and train together.  To make it more interesting and convenient these sessions will last only 1 hour.  On these days Team Captains will make their selections and will assess players for the best role as well as their ability to be a team player.


Team App


A club Smart Phone App has been evaluated by the committee and will be launched to assist with communication, player availability and managing teams. We intend to run the old system alongside this in the short term, but eventually the old system will be phased out. Training events are also planned to ensure no member is left behind in this process.


March 4th Skittles


Ken is organising the skittles starting 7:00pm, let him know that you would like to go,


The Clubs £10,000 challenge 


We have put forward ideas to Chris and waiting to hear. These are


  1. Alan has suggested that funds gained with the quiz and skittles events that are coming up could be diverted to the initiative. We have a committee meeting on 1.3.22 and would have to ratify this one.


  1. A table top sale. Each section could collect unwanted items from their members and sell these on a nominated day where we could do a BBQ or similar, as well as a raffle.


  1. An LCR night with food and raffle. LCR is a simple dice game and great fun. This will be held on Friday 8th April.


Green Condition 


A fungal infection has affected our green. Alan is on the case,  by attending a meeting with the Main Club Committee. A treatment has already been applied and it is hoped that the green will be perfect for April. We are also hoping that the Groundsman will start to address the uneven parts of the green in an effort to make this perfectly flat.


It became clear from the meeting that there is no set contract in place regarding what level of attention is given to the various ground works required, there being no time limit set for each area or the number of visits expected. Every section felt that work should be proactive. This sub committee will meet bi-monthly in future to discuss any issues that might arise.




They’ve held our fees at the £75! A bargain,  considering the normal membership costs at other clubs is nearly twice the price.




At members request, the current website has been reviewed and is in need of updating to make this interesting and dynamic. Nick and David are going to look at this in some detail in the hope of making the site more attractive to new visitors to the site as well as being another useful communication tool.




Bob and Alan attended a meeting on 15th February and it looks like the BBA league matches will continue, albeit with a smaller number of clubs that remain. The three match option is the agreed way forward.

They are lacking a Vice President and Secretary which impacts on their wider activities.




Steve has been sorting the Evergreen matches out too.

On 14th February, he went on our behalf to the meeting which confirmed Handsworth or WMP, are not returning. The other clubs including two from Erdington will be up for it.

The Season starts Mon 9th May and all matches are to be played on Mondays.( No matches planned for Bank Hols). If you are inclined, shorts can be worn.

Gala day is Mon 5th Sept, 1 rink each club @ £ 2.00.




Get your news and events to our Publicity Officer David Oliver

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