Meet the team behind the scene’s

All clubs need an executive team to ensure the smooth running of the club section. This enables all players to enjoy their hockey and the growth of the club continues. Who are they?. They all have different roles to play within the club but all have one common theme…..its a bloss future!

If you need to contact an executive member please see below along with their contact details.

Chair Person Fiona Goldstraw
Vice Chair Tom Williamson
Secertary Jane rice
Treasurer Ellen Bleummer
Fixtures Secertary Women’s Jo Hine
Fixtures Secertary Men’s Alisha Lewis
Child Welfare Officer Kate Horsler
Press/Publicity Karen Bullard
Men’s Chair of Selectors Phil Shorson
Ladies Chair of Selectors Fiona Goldstraw
Junior Co-ordinator Becky Shoreson

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Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other- John F Kennedy