Captain’s Thoughts For The Season 2018/19

Vet games at The Bloss are open to all players from their 34th year onwards, and up to any grand old age.

Games are played throughout the year and not just restricted to the hockey season. All games are played midweek with fixtures ranging from the very local all the way down to Evesham. A great many of these fixtures have been in place for 20+ years.

The standard is quite high but the emphasis is on playing a competitive but friendly game with several beers being consumed after the game.

The only exception is our entry into the national +40 competition. These fixtures can take place anywhere in the country and will normally be played on a Sunday. In recent times we have travelled to Sidmouth, Salisbury and York, usually trying to make a social weekend of the event with spouses in tow. BUT again the emphasis is on a competitive game with lots of socialising after.


Please check back soon for upcoming games……..

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