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Competitive Tennis


There is plenty of competitive tennis available at the club to cater for players of a wide range of abilities. There are inter-club leagues as well as a number of internal club tournaments.

Summer Tennis

Interclub Competitions 

There are 10 men’s divisions and 8 ladies’ divisions. Blossomfield are represented as follows.

Men’s 1st Div 3                   Ladies 1st Div 1

Men’s 2nd Div 4                  Ladies 2nd Div 1

Men’s 3rd Div 5                   Ladies 3rd Div 4

Men’s 4th Div 7                   Ladies 4th Div 4

Men’s 5th Div 9                   Ladies 5th Div 6

Details of teams and leagues can be found via the following link.


Club Competitions

Between April and September the Club runs the early season and late season tournaments.

The early season tournament includes ladies singles, men’s singles, ladies doubles and men’s doubles where you are drawn a partner and mixed doubles when you can pick your own partner.

The late season tournament comprises mixed doubles, over 40’s mixed and a mixed plate competition where you are drawn with a partner and ladies and men’s doubles where you can pick a partner.

Finals day for the early season tournament is generally mid June and for the late season tournament early September.

Winter Tennis

Interclub tennis

During the winter season there is still an abundance of league tennis available at the Club

  • Warwickshire men’s, ladies & mixed

  • Warwickshire – two ladies veterans

  • Warwickshire – two men’s veterans

Mixed Doubles Winter League

Between October and March the Club runs a mixed doubles winter league.  For details of the rules, parings for the 2 divisions and contact details  of particpants please follow the link below

Winter League


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