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Just turn up and play

Saturdays 10am – 12 pm

Tuesdays  6pm – late

Social Tennis is great way to have fun, meet up with friends (and make new ones), and improve your game.  Players of all ability are welcome but if you are new to the game you may wish to check out the coaching and Cardio sessions first. 


Rules & Etiquette 

Normal rules apply with the exception that if there are people waiting then a short set is played. This means playing a tie-break at 5 – 5 and on winter nights playing first to 4 games to make sure no one is waiting too long on a cold night.

To select partners players spin their rackets for rough or smooth (most rackets have a bit of string sticking up on one side where it is tied off –  that’s the rough side).  The idea is to play with different partners each time so at the end of a set everyone moves around  or spins again.  

In or Out ?  Its your call !  There is no hawkeye to help you or even an umpire so the players on the side of the net the ball landed must decide if the ball has landed in or out (this is the same at most levels of tennis).  Most of the time it is fairly obvious but there will be some close calls.  No need to panic, just call it as you see it. If you really can’t tell then give the benefit of the doubt to your opponents. Remember this is Social Tennis and while you will still want to play competitively to win the main thing is to enjoy it and have fun.

Don’t forget to finish the session with a drink or two in the bar afterwards !